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How did it all begin?

How did it all begin?

It began somewhere in 2013 when we discovered BGG. That time we only found out more on one or two games but still could not guess how far it will lead us...

It speeded up a bit in 2017  but still remained manageable and in 2019 something clicked in connection with board games.

Our board games started to pile up, became more and more complexe and took more and more room on  the table (and  the shelf…) and we tried to take more and more care of them.

Then we had an idea to have a play terrain ,a play pad or a playmat as everybody is calling it now. Although everyone can have fun playing board games on a checked tablecloth, a good- sized playmat could have been definitely a professional and obvious solution to comfortably store the boards and components, as it isn’t possible to have a board game table.

It could have been an obvious solution but it couldn’t, since we only found smaller playmats for card games first. We kept on  searching as we couldn’t accept the fact there were no large playmats available

to be put under full- table board games. So we kept on seeking. This time we searched among wargame gamemats, but we didn’t like them. On top of all that , they  were rectangular and they were not big enough.

If you turn internet upside down looking for playmats you will finally find some at horrific prices with additional  shipping costs but we would have felt bad about spending that money no matter how much we would have liked to.

 We made a decision in the spring of 2020 to take matters into our hands and to figure out how to make the playmats we would like at a reasonable price , at a right size and of high quality.

And as we have already traced the path we decided  to share this experience with other enthusiastic board gamers who cannot afford to get a board game table but would like to give their best to their games.

We are at this point now and after plenty of energy , search  and a big number of trial playmats gone bad we have come up with some available patterns -or designs according to your taste- to hopefully make a couple of like-minded gamer friends ’ day.

We have been waiting for some new playmat patterns and have been planning to increase the range of board games as well . Some of our far distant plans include dealing with board games that are difficult to purchase, but for the time being it is just our hobby.

Feel free to look around from time to time as things are continuously changing here . If you subscribe to our newsletter be sure we will keep you updated about anything new uploaded in the shop .

You will not believe how much playmats enhance experience.




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