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What makes a good playmat?

What makes a good playmat?
A game mat, a board game mat, gaming mat or the most often used word: playmat! You might wonder why a playmat is a better option to be put under board games than a tablecloth or some microfiber towel or something felt being stores advertised here and there?

It is a good question and we were only able to answer it correctly when we had played on a real, full-table playmat for the first time.

Before that we could only guess that it could be something great, as it seemed to be cool not to play on a tablecloth but do our best on something specifically invented for the game. By the way, we thought that by using a playmat we would be able to protect our games as well. It also seemed to be posh to have a large separate playmat for playing board games on the table! What became true from all of this? Everything and even more.


A given board game won’t be better if you play it on a playmat. Playmats aren’t indispensable for having fun while playing or protecting cards or game components from wearing. They still give something more that either a tablecloth or a tabletop just can’t. They are particular, most of the games can fit on them, they’re non-slip,  lie flat and stable, no one will snatch them from the table, rolling a die on or drawing a card from them is  such an experience.


 Tiles and playmats are good friends, it’s very easy to shuffle tiles, you can feel that it’s a gentle way to shuffle. Using playmats will make height differences at folding table joints disappear, they protect surfaces of glass tables and you won’t need to use your nails scratching the edges of cards to lift them. It’s almost impossible to play on outdoor tables but with playmats cracks will disappear.

They provide those who play on the carpet with a good surface, if you put them on the floor it’s even better. What’s more, as these playmats are 3 mm thick , they might help a lot for those who play on beds, sofas as they even the „terrain„ under board games.

And finally, it simply feels good to play on a soft fabric, to touch its surface , also unrolling playmats becomes part of the setup to play board games properly .


Some of you might raise your eyebrows hearing that we usually have snacks and drinks while playing board games. I am aware of the fact that some people think it ’s the biggest sacrilege they can imagine. Or a board game-beer combo in a summer evening is priceless… But these playmats are water repellent so anything that spills on them can be easily sponged up and there is no need to draw the tablecloth meticulously out without having to bypass the wet spot. All you need is to simply wipe it up and put cards, player board or anything back.


 Playmats can be used for something unforeseen I have never thought of. The kids regularly nicked them to put them on the floor in their fort  because they’re so large and soft…As it’s said in ads, we are testing  quality with kids. They have passed the test…


According to a big number of customers’ feedback , playmats level up the gameplay experience  Customers don’t want to highlight or simply aren’t able to mention only one specific reason. Their large and soft gameplay surface, non- slip backing, quiet dice rolling, the fact that all the components of the game fit on them including the main board, player board and cards are the elements that make their use so special!

You don’t need to have a separate board game table made, which costs an arm and a leg…

Although some playmats are pricey per piece, taking into consideration an average board game collection- especially focusing on the number of non played games- is worth buying them in the long run.


Transform any kind of table into a board game table!

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